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Useful ideas for kitchen remodeling projects


The kitchen may very well be the most important room of the entire house. It is simple to imagine why. In the morning, the family gathers to have breakfast and in the evening they meet again, each one returning home. For this very reason, when remodeling the kitchen, you need to choose the design carefully, making sure that it is both appealing to the eye and functional. You are the one who will be making all these choices. However, when contacting a company offering kitchen remodeling in Scranton PA, you could obtain relevant pieces of advice. You could consider them as they come from highly experienced and professional individuals, who have been through kitchen remodeling projects before and know what challenges can be met. Still, first you have to settle on design. After all, the staff you will be working there will start from there and all the pieces of advice received will be linked to the design. 2017 comes with a few changes in kitchen remodeling. Knowing some of the latest might be of help, even if you decide to go in different directions after all.


Gray is the 2017 color


When it comes to colors, 2017 brings in a new surprise. Indeed, if some time ago people would go for white in a heartbeat, now they might reconsider. Gray is bound to be just as popular, at least this is what furniture manufacturers keep saying. Gray cabinets, gray tables, gray chairs, they all look great and they will all give an elegant feeling to any kitchen.


Talking about functionality


It seems that kitchen remodeling is one step ahead you and this year, you are on the verge of getting to know something truly interesting. You could even install it in your very own kitchen. Believe it or not, kitchen furniture manufacturers have decided to offer their clients kitchen cabinets with doors that open and shut simply by pushing a button. In other words, forget about handlers. From now on, you will be able to push a button and the cabinet door of your choice will quickly open. Now, this is technology, right?


Playing with light and dark


The great thing about remodeling is that you can really get creative. It is your kitchen and you set the rules. Still, if you were to ask 2017, a combination between light and dark colors would certainly be pleasant to eye. So, how exactly should you make this happen? Well, you choose light or dark as main color. If you have settled for light, for instance, you insert small pottery pieces among the basic light ones. From place to place, you break the pattern using dark pieces. This has to be done in a well thought organized manner. However, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to achieve.


2017 is an exciting year in home remodeling, because it really brings change. Take a look at what other trends will appear and see if there is something that really appears to you. Only after start your project and do consider what experts have to say.


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Top Qualities for a Scranton Contractor

Top qualities to look for in a general contractor

general-contractor-scranton-paWhen planning to renovate your property or build a house from scratch, the first thing you have to do is find yourself the best general contractor, someone who can coordinate the entire process, and bring you the end results you desire. However, looking for such a professional is not the easiest task, considering how extensive the variety of offers on the market actually is. You probably desire to receive the best services possible, and that implies paying close attention to whom you hire. In order to figure out if a contractor is a good fit for you or not, you should look for the following characteristics:


Dependability/ Reliability

The first and probably most important quality of a contractor is reliability. You need to work with someone who responds to your calls and emails, who is able to meet deadlines, or at least not exceed them too much, someone who tells you upfront what remodel project is possible for your property and what is not. Someone who is not reliable, even if they might be extremely qualified and experienced, can turn the project into an overwhelming and stressful process, something you probably want to avoid. To make sure your collaboration is as inconvenience-free as possible, choose to hire someone that values dependability. You can find out this aspect by reading a few client reviews, and seeing if their previous collaborations have been successful ones.

Networking ability and competitive pricing

Remodelling or building a house involves team work, and even if the general contractor might be good at what they do, if their subcontractors aren’t, or the team consists of insufficient workers, the entire project can last much longer than you would expect. Make sure the specialist you hire has networking ability, and collaborates with the right employees. Also, their pricing system should be a competitive one, because even if you are not looking for a cheap alternative, you probably do not want to spend a fortune on their services.

Personality and good communication skills

Even if you might not realize it at first, it is extremely important to collaborate with someone that is one the same page with you. Working with a person that does not exactly have the best personally, not good communication skills can led to certain inconveniences, and you might end up not receiving the project results you desire. Discuss with the contractor before hiring them, and see how friendly, responsible and communicative they are. They should explain to you any misunderstanding you might have, and take your own vision and desires into consideration when handling the home building or remodelling. You can figure out if you can have a smooth professional relationship with the contractor upon your first discussion.

Now that you know more on the tropic, and are aware of what qualities a good contractor should have, you can start comparing your options. If you know what you need and what to look for, you will certainly find yourself a professional that will not fail to meet your requirements, and will provide you with the best services possible. Remember that the appearance and resistance of your home might be at risk, so choose wisely.…

Questions to ask a general contractor in Scranton PA

Questions to ask a general contractor before signing the papers

Now that you decided that the time for a home remodeling has come, or even building a new one, you must set for a general contractor. On this depends how fast the project will be accomplished, and the quality of the work provided. We strongly recommend avoiding working with amateurs, because the outcome will most probably be mediocre. Moreover, you shouldn’t feel rushed in the process of finding a great contractor. Take your time and interview all the firms patiently. Below are some questions that you might find useful throughout the interview.


Q #1: Do you have a license? Can I have a look at a copy of it?

As you might guess, the answer should invariably be yes. And it’s completely perfect if you want to have a look at their license or a copy of it, since they are obligated to show one whenever requested. You must make sure that the license is not expired (look at the date). Companies performing “jobs on the side” must be avoided. If a contractor didn’t bother to take a license in the state in which they activate they are not trustworthy. Rudis Enterprise Construction Services will be happy to show you ours.

Q #2: Do you have general liability coverage?

The general liability coverage will protect your property in case of a disaster and if the contractor does not have one, stop your interview right there. If they do have such coverage, continue your interview with the “Do you have worker compensation insurance?” question. Once again, the answer should be yes. If a worker in injured while working on your house, you must be sure you are protected from liability. Also, all the subcontractors the company will have while working on your home should also have the two previously mentioned.

Q #3: Have you ever declared bankruptcy, been sued or sued anyone?

The answer should an always be “No” to all the above questions. You can always check with the GC and make sure their answers are honest. If not, we shouldn’t tell you that you should skip the contractor.

Q #4: How much experience do you have in the field?

It’s not uncommon for general contractors to have different jobs in their day-to-day lives and deal with construction matters as an extra. Make sure you work with a full-time contractor, active in the field for more than five years. This signals stability and reliable services. The contractor should be able to differentiate between reliable subcontractors and to acknowledge the importance of a great carpenter and a great plumber, for instance. This is an attribute only experienced contractors have.

Q #5: Do you offer a home warranty? On what period?

Last, but not least, make sure the contractor offers a written warranty for the work performed for you. Verbal agreements won’t do the trick, make sure it’s written and signed. Make sure that the papers include a detailed list of the warranties provided. Also, the contractor should check with their clients and see if there are any matters that should be fixed, periodically.



Bathroom remodeling in scranton pa


Ingenious Remodeling Ideas for a Small Bathroom 

Having a small bathroom is such a pain. There is not enough space to hang your towels, not to mention that you feel like you have to lose weight to set foot in. Many people in Scranton are dealing with these kinds of issues. If you are tired of feeling cramped and uncomfortable, it is time you did some remodeling. Small bathrooms adapt well to remodeling, so stop dealing with an antiquated space and take action. Find a Scranton home remodeling contractor to help you in this complex process. Do not have any ideas how to deal with your small-space dilemmas? Here are some ideas for you.


Forget the Vanity Sink and Get a Slim Sink

A great way of saving square feet is to choose a slim sink. Unlike the traditional vanity sink, the slim sink frees up floor space, transforming the cramped space into an enjoyable retreat. Your sink area will be neat and everything you need will be within easy rich. The sink can be fit into a shallow counter. Concerning the rim, it can be very slim or a little bit chunkier, depending on the style of your bathroom.

Get a One-Piece Toilet

The only thing one-piece and two-piece toilets have in common is that they serve the same purpose. For the rest, they could not be more different.  Size is the most striking difference. A one-piece toilet is smaller, the tank being connected and sitting lower on the bowl. Although a one-piece toilet is not exactly tempting, it will save you many inches.

Shower and Bath Combo: Worth It

If you search for inspiration for a bathroom remodel in Scranton, you are likely to come across the shower and bath combo. Having a separate bathroom and shower is no longer popular. Many homeowners have embraced the shower and bath combo and for good reasons too. It is a space-saving combination, so you can make the most out of your existing space. You enjoy a relaxing showering and bathing experience. What is more, the plumbing cost is less because you do not have to install separate plumbing for a shower that is on the opposite side of the bath.

Mirrored Walls Make the Bathroom More Spacious

Mirrored walls are not a sign of obsolete design. They are back and they are to stay a long time. Mirrored walls make your bathroom seem more than spacious, not to mention that they maximize light and add a sleek touch to the interior. The greatest thing is that mirrored walls do not interfere with the bathroom décor.

Extend Shelving

If you have set on a home remodeling project, consider extending the shelving. Shelving compensates for non-existent storage space and it looks good. Storage shelves will accommodate your scrubs, tub salts, and more. Basically, you will get the best use of your bathroom.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, a home remodeling project is a complicated thing. if you are thinking about trying one of the above-mentioned bathroom remodeling ideas, get a contractor with experience to help you.


Home Builders In Scranton PA

Home builders in Scranton: how to go straight to experts

The home building sector is getting bigger and bigger, both in terms of services included in the field as well as companies part of it. This market is certainly growing in popularity and for good reasons. Before explaining what the market has turned out to be so successful, here are a few things about what kind of services you will find here. So, basically, home building sums up all the actions you can do around the house. When talking about home building, you are in fact talking about home design, home remodeling, repairs, even property management. Why is this market so incredibly successful? Because people need houses. This market stands on a basic need, as simple as that. People will never run out of the need for a home, whether it is building one from scratch or fixing up the one they already have. Either way, the services of a home builder Scranton PA based are very much appreciated. Indeed when choosing such an expert, you should conduct an in-depth analysis or to put it plainly, search the market really hard. As always, not everything you will find here can be trusted. There are companies that like only to brag about what they could offer, theoretically, when in reality, things are very different. To give you a helping hand, here are three aspects you could apply to your search.


Experience: the number one request


You need to make sure that you are working with an expert. As you can imagine, home building is not a recently invented science. The domain itself has gone through certain changes, the instruments used, the operating method, but not the need itself. So, if you choose to collaborate with a company that has been part of the market for a significantly long time, that has grown together with the market and changed in this fashion, you will be in luck. Imagine the kind of project a company of this kind can complete.


A long, long list of services


As mentioned in the beginning, home building is a rather broad term, at least nowadays. When selecting the right partner for your needs, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a company that can offer you multiple services. For instance, you are building a home from scratch. You should choose a partner that can design the house, built it, finish it, decorate it and if you are thinking of renting even manage it. This would be the ideal choice.


Attitude towards clients


You want a partner that will put you first. This is the basic rule on all markets irrespective of the actual domain. You are the client and your needs and expectations come first. A dedicated partner will know exactly how important attitude is for you and will act accordingly. A partner of this kind will be 100% dedicated to both you as a client and to offering top services, with amazing results.


Hopefully these pieces of advice will come in handy and you will be able to find the right partner for the job faster.