Bathroom remodeling in scranton pa


Ingenious Remodeling Ideas for a Small Bathroom 

Having a small bathroom is such a pain. There is not enough space to hang your towels, not to mention that you feel like you have to lose weight to set foot in. Many people in Scranton are dealing with these kinds of issues. If you are tired of feeling cramped and uncomfortable, it is time you did some remodeling. Small bathrooms adapt well to remodeling, so stop dealing with an antiquated space and take action. Find a Scranton home remodeling contractor to help you in this complex process. Do not have any ideas how to deal with your small-space dilemmas? Here are some ideas for you.


Forget the Vanity Sink and Get a Slim Sink

A great way of saving square feet is to choose a slim sink. Unlike the traditional vanity sink, the slim sink frees up floor space, transforming the cramped space into an enjoyable retreat. Your sink area will be neat and everything you need will be within easy rich. The sink can be fit into a shallow counter. Concerning the rim, it can be very slim or a little bit chunkier, depending on the style of your bathroom.

Get a One-Piece Toilet

The only thing one-piece and two-piece toilets have in common is that they serve the same purpose. For the rest, they could not be more different.  Size is the most striking difference. A one-piece toilet is smaller, the tank being connected and sitting lower on the bowl. Although a one-piece toilet is not exactly tempting, it will save you many inches.

Shower and Bath Combo: Worth It

If you search for inspiration for a bathroom remodel in Scranton, you are likely to come across the shower and bath combo. Having a separate bathroom and shower is no longer popular. Many homeowners have embraced the shower and bath combo and for good reasons too. It is a space-saving combination, so you can make the most out of your existing space. You enjoy a relaxing showering and bathing experience. What is more, the plumbing cost is less because you do not have to install separate plumbing for a shower that is on the opposite side of the bath.

Mirrored Walls Make the Bathroom More Spacious

Mirrored walls are not a sign of obsolete design. They are back and they are to stay a long time. Mirrored walls make your bathroom seem more than spacious, not to mention that they maximize light and add a sleek touch to the interior. The greatest thing is that mirrored walls do not interfere with the bathroom décor.

Extend Shelving

If you have set on a home remodeling project, consider extending the shelving. Shelving compensates for non-existent storage space and it looks good. Storage shelves will accommodate your scrubs, tub salts, and more. Basically, you will get the best use of your bathroom.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, a home remodeling project is a complicated thing. if you are thinking about trying one of the above-mentioned bathroom remodeling ideas, get a contractor with experience to help you.