Questions to ask a general contractor in Scranton PA

Questions to ask a general contractor before signing the papers

Now that you decided that the time for a home remodeling has come, or even building a new one, you must set for a general contractor. On this depends how fast the project will be accomplished, and the quality of the work provided. We strongly recommend avoiding working with amateurs, because the outcome will most probably be mediocre. Moreover, you shouldn’t feel rushed in the process of finding a great contractor. Take your time and interview all the firms patiently. Below are some questions that you might find useful throughout the interview.


Q #1: Do you have a license? Can I have a look at a copy of it?

As you might guess, the answer should invariably be yes. And it’s completely perfect if you want to have a look at their license or a copy of it, since they are obligated to show one whenever requested. You must make sure that the license is not expired (look at the date). Companies performing “jobs on the side” must be avoided. If a contractor didn’t bother to take a license in the state in which they activate they are not trustworthy. Rudis Enterprise Construction Services will be happy to show you ours.

Q #2: Do you have general liability coverage?

The general liability coverage will protect your property in case of a disaster and if the contractor does not have one, stop your interview right there. If they do have such coverage, continue your interview with the “Do you have worker compensation insurance?” question. Once again, the answer should be yes. If a worker in injured while working on your house, you must be sure you are protected from liability. Also, all the subcontractors the company will have while working on your home should also have the two previously mentioned.

Q #3: Have you ever declared bankruptcy, been sued or sued anyone?

The answer should an always be “No” to all the above questions. You can always check with the GC and make sure their answers are honest. If not, we shouldn’t tell you that you should skip the contractor.

Q #4: How much experience do you have in the field?

It’s not uncommon for general contractors to have different jobs in their day-to-day lives and deal with construction matters as an extra. Make sure you work with a full-time contractor, active in the field for more than five years. This signals stability and reliable services. The contractor should be able to differentiate between reliable subcontractors and to acknowledge the importance of a great carpenter and a great plumber, for instance. This is an attribute only experienced contractors have.

Q #5: Do you offer a home warranty? On what period?

Last, but not least, make sure the contractor offers a written warranty for the work performed for you. Verbal agreements won’t do the trick, make sure it’s written and signed. Make sure that the papers include a detailed list of the warranties provided. Also, the contractor should check with their clients and see if there are any matters that should be fixed, periodically.